The bikes, part 1…..

About 3 1/2 years ago I was once again bitten by the motorcycle bug. I had ridden dirt bikes in my teens, and a variety of Japanese bikes through out my 20s.  After a bit of reading, I was influenced by a Cycle World article talking about a previous “Motorcycle of the Year” winner.  It was the Kawasaki Versys.  The price seemed right, I went and completed a motorcycle safety course and a new 2011 Versys was my new ride.IMG_3031I

The Versys is as its name implies a very versitile bike.  Light, nimble, and an absolute blast to ride.  It was the perfect bike to bring me back into the lifestyle.

I outfitted her with a Corbin seat for some added comfort, SW Moto crash bars, a Yoshi exaust, and life was good.

That summer (2011)  my unbelievably supportive wife agreed to support a 3 week, 1600 mile adventure through Wyoming and Montana.  Wait, it’s better than you think.  Every morning I woke up rolled out of a comfy bed, had a nice breakfast, a quick shower, hopped on the bike and blasted out onto the nearest curvy road I could find.  DD (my loving wife) prepped the RV and hit the interstate.  Around  2 or 3 pm everyday we would find out where each other was, decide on a campground and by 5 or 6 pm I would normally catch up, set up camp and repeat.  However, it set the stage for future events….you probably guessed it DD wanted to start looking at bikes.

Next…  DD’s Jewelry.